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July and August: Exclusive sale of the bungalows through our official website


How do you imagine your perfect experience during the days you spend staying at our boutique hotel in Marbella? We prepare customized plans so that you can enjoy a unique experience made according to your needs and preferences. We work with different partners with whom we can offer exclusive and completely personalized services.

A personal trainer, a “custom-made” dinner, a yoga class, a professional-quality photo book … We propose personalized plans of all kinds so that you “design an unforgettable experience” but you can also contact us and tell us what it would be that service that would make your experience unforgettable.

“Imagine what your perfect experience would be like and turn it into reality with our personalized plans”

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Total disconnection and relaxation plans


This is an ideal place to retire, de-stress and regain the energy that we lose on a daily basis, whether due to long working hours or for any other aspect.

At Casa La Concha we offer you our bungalows where you can be completely independent, isolated, without noise and surrounded by nature. In addition, if that were not enough, we can propose alternative plans such as manual therapies (massages), personal trainer, yoga teacher or whatever you need according to your hobbies or interests.

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Remember your holidays with a professional photo book


A perfect gift, either for a friend or for yourself. Making a photo book is more than an experience to feel beautiful, it is also a time to dedicate yourself.

We will put at your disposal a photographer and also a makeup artist and stylist who will do your makeup and recommend the most appropriate wardrobe changes for your photo session. All this, in a perfect space to get an indelible memory for a lifetime.

Gastronomic experiences: A personalized dinner


Do you have something very special to celebrate? Maybe a proposal or an anniversary? At Casa la Concha, we offer you the possibility of organizing a private dinner, with a chef for you who will make you delicious dishes.

A space decorated by us, with music, a good atmosphere and maximum privacy, since you will be alone, with no one else around.

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planes personalizados casa la concha yoga particula

Yoga and outdoor sports


Enjoy a private or group yoga class outdoors in our garden. A perfect activity, both for adults and young children and that you can do without leaving the hotel.

Ask when making your reservation how to enjoy these activities at Casa La Concha or discover all about our yoga retreats and relaxation activities by clicking here

If you want to know more or want to know what more plans we can offer you, do not hesitate to contact us.
July and August: Exclusive sale of the bungalows through our official website

These are just some examples of custom plans that we offer at Casa La Concha on a regular basis.